みどぴん詰め by 210


みどぴん詰め by 210

"When asked for sexual fantasies, no."

"…… I don’t know what to say….."

"You and that hot blonde man you're usually with. One of you in front, one of you behind, and you finally really letting loose~"

"Do you ever say anything that’s not related to sex……..?"

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Have you ever gotten drunk and danced the macerena in public?

"I don’t even know what a macarena is…. So no."

have you ever watched me eating a banana and thought dirty things

"No, why? It’s just food…"

Inbox is always open and someone must hold a curiosity or two.

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shhh you love me, Sync ∠(ຈل͜ຈ」∠)_ you know you do *garbage huggg*

"Stop touching me…"


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