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Your character finds mine passed out sleeping naked in bed. What do they do?
Introducing the Mun

Name or nickname: Keren
Tumblr URL: brokenmaskedreplica
Age: 20
Gender: Female/ Kind of agender idek
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Fandom: Tales of and many many more
Muse(s): Sync, plus every other blog I have
OC friendly?: Yuppp
Multi-fandom friendly?: I would prefer it be a fandom I know and am familiar with but yes
Will you ship your muse with any sex?: Yes
Are you open to SFW rp?: Yes.
Are you open to NSFW rp?: Depending on if I’m comfortable with the person I’m rping with.
Can people come up and start a conversation with you?: Always~
Can they be your friend?: Yes~!!

lose the pants


Send me a “lose the pants” to see how my character reacts.
Send me a ‘Yo’ if you wanna RP with me. Send me the word ‘Plot’ if you have something in particular in mind. Feel free to go anon!

   “Show me the money~!

       ;;—anise tatlin from tales of the abyss affiliated rp blog

       ;;—primarily crack blog open to serious threads

       ;;—will rp outside group

       ;;—eight years rp experience, one+ on tumblr

       ;;—just beat abyss today

       ;;—not much for shipping, but will accept marriage
            proposals from any rich eligible bachelor~

       ;;—does the fancy text formatting stuff

((I will never not be attracted to Alexei someone help))



I’m SCARED to wake up without you by my side

I’m SCARED that one day you will leave

like the ՕᎢᎻᎬᏒՏ before you

And I hope that you never find out how SCARED I’ve become

because I don’t want you to worry yourself ѕɩϲk over ϺЕ

or Đ0ՍβТ that i love you.

Because I NEED you more than you ᏦɴՕᎳ.